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Addressing tolerance and diversity discourses in Europe. A comparative Overview of 16 European Countries
Ricard Zapata-Barrero and Anna Triandafyllidou (Eds)

The debate has been intensive in the media, in political forums as well as in scholarly circles. In policy terms, the main conclusion drawn from such debates has been that multicultural policies have failed and that a return to an assimilationist approach (emphasising national culture and values) is desirable. The Netherlands for instance that had been a forerunner in multicultural policies since the 1980s has shifted, at least at the symbolic level, towards such a view establishing integration courses for newcomers to the Netherlands and a civic integration test to be undertaken by prospective migrants before departure from their country of origin (Ter Wal, 2007; Vasta, 2007).


Humboldt es una revista cultural que fomenta y participa del intercambio cultural entre Alemania y Latinoamérica, España y Portugal. En ella hacen uso de la palabra autores de las lenguas española, portuguesa y alemana, junto a otras voces del ámbito internacional. Humboldt aborda debates actuales sobre temas muy diversos de la vida cultural e intelectual a ambos lados del Atlántico.


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