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Addressing tolerance and diversity discourses in Europe. A comparative Overview of 16 European Countries
Ricard Zapata-Barrero and Anna Triandafyllidou (Eds)

The debate has been intensive in the media, in political forums as well as in scholarly circles. In policy terms, the main conclusion drawn from such debates has been that multicultural policies have failed and that a return to an assimilationist approach (emphasising national culture and values) is desirable. The Netherlands for instance that had been a forerunner in multicultural policies since the 1980s has shifted, at least at the symbolic level, towards such a view establishing integration courses for newcomers to the Netherlands and a civic integration test to be undertaken by prospective migrants before departure from their country of origin (Ter Wal, 2007; Vasta, 2007).

Language of the Month. Activities

Just dip into the booklet, try the activities and highlight those you like. Most of the activities are games which are best played for about 10 minutes so that the children will want to play them again when learning other languages. Spread the activities over the month and adapt them to suit your class. For example, play two 10minute games per week and use stickers to reward the children for playing the games well.

Multiculturalisme britannique
par Jean-Pierre Langellier

Le multiculturalisme, credo de la gauche inventé dans les années 1960 en réponse au défi posé par les vagues d’immigration venues de l’ex-Empire, célèbre les différences ethniques, religieuses et culturelles. Les fêtes et les écoles religieuses ont été encouragées. A Londres, où l’on parle quelque 300 langues, les documents officiels sont traduits dans des dizaines d’entre elles.

Multiculturalismo en el Reino Unido
Por Timothy Garton Ash

Detrás de términos de vaguedad tan imposible como "multiculturalismo" (palabra odiada por la derecha) e "islamofobia" (palabra odiada por la izquierda) se encuentra una realidad muy preocupante, y tanto esos nuevos informes conservadores como otros de think-tanks de la izquierda realizan una labor muy importante al investigarla.

Muslim women and higher education: identities, experiences and prospects. Report
By Dr David Tyrer, Liverpool John Moores University Fauzia Ahmad, University of Bristol

This report summarises the findings of a qualitative study of Muslim women’s experiences of studying in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) across the UK.

The Educational Situation of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in 15 EU Member States in Comparative Perspective
By Mikael Luciak

Aside from primary language and cultural differences as well as differences caused by the varying socio-economic conditions for different groups, discriminatory practices and unequal power relationships between the majority populations and minority groups negatively influence the educational attainment of minorities.

Time to kick racism out of university
Harinder Bahra

It is time for the government to set up an independent commission into the experiences of BME staff and students in higher education (like the FE sector), to investigate the challenges diversity brings the sector and how leadership and the culture of higher education needs to adapt to grasp current and future opportunities.


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