Intercultural Dimensions

Crossing Cultures Senegal, West Africa Program

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Intercultural Dimensions, Inc.
P.O. Box 391427
Cambridge, MA 02139-0014

telephone: 617 864 8442
e-mail: info@interculturaldimensions.org
WEB: http://www.interculturaldimensions.org

ID is a non-profit educational organization (501(C)(3)) that provides programs of cross-cultural awareness through travel, community service, workshops, and seminars. Its programs are designed to stimulate interest and participation in different cultures.

Past Participants Now

Some past participants are currently engaged in:

* exchanging cassettes of music and letters with a Senegalese high school teacher and his classes,

* collecting French books to send to Senegalese high schools,

* serving in the Peace Corps,

* practicing naturopathic medicine,

* and attending medical school.

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